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Welcome To AKME Appraisals, Inc.

Specializing in:

  • Bank Finance, Purchase & Resale Appraisals & “Flip Appraisals”
  • Marital Division & Estate Probate Appraisals & Litigation
  • Title Insurance Appraisals
  • Revenue Canada Appraisals
  • Assessment Appeal Appraisals
  • Relocation Appraisals
  • Industrial & Commercial Rental Rate Reports
  • Vacant Land Appraisals

*Sworn in Supreme Court Appraiser Expert Witness
**Approved 99% of all Residential & Commercial Lenders
***Approved all Relocation Companies



The AKME Appraisal, Inc. Teams owner/s are Kelly Best, Bill Best and co-owned by both Shawna Best
and Geoff Coderre

Kelly Best has been nominated as one of Atlantic Canada’s Top 50 CEOs of the Year for 2010.

  • Supreme Court Expert Witness (sworn in 2007) – “Expert in Marital Division and Estate Probate”
  • Approved 99% of Residential & Commercial Banks and Lender/s
  • Approved All Canadian & U.S.A Relocation Companies

How to Find Out the Qualifications of an Appraiser Before You Retain Them

Let’s face it‐ every single profession has members that are more qualified than others. By first confirming the qualifications and credentials of the appraiser you will get a better idea for the expected quality of work provided. It’s important to know a little about your appraiser before he/she actually appraises your home. If they don’t possess the best qualifications, and you wait until after the appraisal has been completed to find this out, you may have to spend unnecessary time getting a “reconsideration of value”.

“We understand that this is your property, most likely your biggest investment/purchase and we would like to explain how we research and analyze in order to estimate a fair value for your property”‐ To arrive at a reasonable fair estimate of value, we consider and then bracket your properties items and features. For example if your home has a 6000 square foot lot we ensure that you are compared to a property that has less than and a property that has more than 6000 square feet; the perfect recent sold property would be an exact duplicate but not always the case. We consider a duplicate or bracketed for all of your properties items and features. This is the same methodology for a property with 100+ hectares of land,we typically bracket the size of your site and your improvements (home/sheds/decks/etc).

In addition we also analyze and bracket your assessment value and use comparable data with similar assessments. In the case that your home has new improvements we consider those assessed properties that also have recent improvements. The NS government reports assessment value is reported as market value 2 years prior ‐ with all else equal this is another market indicator with main consideration of the comparables recents sold prices.

Futhermore, the properties zoning is also considered meaning if your property has Commercial zoning or R2 zoning; no matter the zoning ‐ the comparable data is selected based on similar zoning of your property. The Residential Appraiser (CRA) is qualified to appraise up to 4 residential units or needs a qualifed AACI to co‐sign their appraisal report. If the appraisal is going to a resdiential lender we have the means and understanding to address that portion of the commercial component; and vice versa for commercial lending with residential portions.

And lastly, the Nova Scotia Provincial Government Report is also analyzed. Yes, the government actually does have a full report on your home. As of 1 January 2013 the Province will now release this report; a 4‐6 page report which identifies all items and features qualifying if you actually are paying fair and equitable property tax. To date, this valuation and analyzis has picked up on some major errors. For example, some property owners have been reported to be paying for neighbours garages, extra residential units, old removed decks and sheds, etc. This is a valuable analysis offered and included in the AKME Appraisal, Inc. report.

**THE ABOVE INFORMATION is CONFIDENTIAL and can only be discussed with the CLIENT**

The Appraisal Institute of Canada, along with many North American Appraisal Organizations recommend that the most Professional Appraisers have good solid experience, preferably a Business Degree, and Appraiser Designations and Accreditations.

Common reasons for a Professional Comprehensive Appraisal are

Marriage Breakdown: Confirm that the Appraiser is Sworn in Supreme Court Family Expert Witness. If not, then the courts may not accept the appraisal or you may experience a time delay and additional expenses while waiting for the appraiser/appraisal to be approved. Kelly is Sworn in Supreme Court.

Mortgage Financing: Ensure that the Appraiser is approved on your specific lenders approved list. If the appraiser is not approved on that specific lenders list then the appraisal could be declined. Always confirm with the appraiser that “Lender requirements are met therefore no unnecessary delays”. We are approved on 99.9% of all lender lists.

Renovating your home: Ensure that all renovations you complete will NOT cost you more than what your home will be worth.

Investors and “home flippers”: Confirm that in the event of a market downturn that you will be able to sell your properties within a reasonable amount of time rather than endure possible hardship.

Insurance Appraisal Purposes: In the event the home is damaged or destroyed, the appraiser will have full descriptions and ample pictures on file. Our appraisal reports are typically a minimum of 20+ pages with many comprehensive pages of market information. ** Confirm that the appraiser takes interior pictures (not all appraisers take interior pictures) – how many, zoning excerpts, many maps, and very important confirm the approaches/tools that the appraiser will be relying on to estimate a fair market value.

Disagreeing with another Appraisal: Kelly Best is also a qualified certified Appraisal Reviewer and is able to offer “other appraisal insights/explanations/recommendations.” Our reputation among clients for consistent explanations has been noted. Kelly Best is well versed in everything from basic Appraisal explanations to advanced Appraisal theory explanations.

We look forward to working with you and being part of your trusted financial and legal team. Selecting the right Professional Appraiser can mean a positive experience with referrals and repeat business for you.


Approved List of Clients

Government (federal, provincial, and municipal)
Banks, mortgage, trust, finance companies
Real estate companies
Insurance companies
Private individuals
Accounting firms
Law firms

Approved List of Lenders

Accredited Home Lenders Canada
Atlantic Signature
Bank of Montreal
Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS)
Bridgewater Financial
Brookfield Relocations
CHIP Mortgages
Citi Corp
CMHC Mortgage Insurance
Concentra (COOP)
Cooperative Trust
Credit Unions
Credit Union Atlantic
DLC Mortgages
Fidelity Valuation Services
First Line Access
First Line Mortgages
First National Financial Corporation
GE Money
Genworth Mortgage Insurance
ING Bank
iNova Credit Union
Interbay Commercial Lending
Home Loans Canada
HSBC Financial
Laurentian Bank
League Credit Union
League Savings
LSI Relocation Solutions
Maple Trust
MCAP Eclispe
MERIX Financial
National Bank of Canada
Optimum Mortgages
Piller Financial
President’s Choice Financial
Prudential Relocation Services
Relocation Intern
ReMax Relocations
Resmor Trust
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
Royal LePage Relocations
Street Capital Financial
TD/Canada Trust
Veranova Properties Limited
Weichert Relocations Resources Inc
Wells Fargo
WHR Group
XCEED Mortgage Corporations

* If the lender required is not listed please contact Kelly at (902) 435-2637

Approved Commercial Appraisals

BMO Bank of Montreal
League Mortgage and Savings Credit Union
Provincial House Credit Union
RBC – * Case by Case confirm with Chief Appraiser
TD Canada Trust – * Case by Case confirm with Mortgage Underwriting Department
Victory House Credit Union
Credit Union Atlantic

Approved Appraisal Management Systems

Centrac (quote only)
FNF Management System
Nationwide Appraisal Systems (NAS)



Appraising properties that have concerns/hazards/stigma ie Mould issues, Grow ops, etc.



  • Beaver Bank – NS
  • Bedford – NS
  • Middle Sackville – NS
  • North Preston – NS
  • Cole Harbour – NS
  • Dartmouth – NS
  • Porters Lake – NS
  • Eastern Passage – NS
  • Elmsdale – NS
  • Enfield – NS
  • Fall River – NS
  • Lower Sackville – NS
  • Upper Sackville – NS
  • Shubenacadie – NS
  • Grand Lake – NS
  • Stewiacke – NS
  • Halifax – NS
  • Hammonds Plains – NS
  • Hatchet Lake – NS
  • Herring Cove – NS
  • Tantallon – NS
  • Timberlea – NS
  • Ketch Harbour – NS
  • Upper Stewiacke – NS
  • Waverley – NS
  • Lake Echo – NS
  • Lawrencetown (HLX Cnty) – NS
  • Ingramport – NS
  • Beechville – NS
  • Middle Musquodoboit – NS
  • Mineville – NS
  • Mooseland – NS
  • Head of St. Margarets Bay – NS
  • Hubbards – NS
  • Hubley – NS
  • Sheet Harbour – NS
  • Belnan – NS
  • Cow Bay – NS
  • East Dover – NS
  • West Dover – NS
  • Little Dover – NS
  • Ellershouse – NS
  • Glen Haven – NS
  • Glen Margaret – NS
  • Kennetcook – NS
  • Lakeside – NS
  • Lantz – NS
  • Meaghers Grant – NS
  • Mosers River – NS
  • Tangier – NS
  • Nine Mile River – NS
  • Peggy’s Cove – NS
  • Prospect – NS
  • Upper Rawdon – NS
  • Sambro/Williamswood – NS
  • Seabright – NS
  • Whites Lake – NS
  • Portuguese Cove – NS
  • Springfield – NS
  • Tatamagouche – NS
  • Bridgetown – NS
  • Brooklyn – NS
  • Lake Charlotte – NS
  • French Village – NS
  • Head of Chezzetcook – NS
  • Lunenburg – NS
  • Mahone Bay – NS
  • Milton – NS
  • Musquodoboit Harbour – NS
  • Shelburne – NS
  • Mount Uniacke – NS
  • Upper Musquodobit – NS
  • Upper Tantallon – NS
  • Head of Jeddore – NS
  • Elderbank – NS
  • Liverpool – NS
  • East Lawrencetown – NS
  • Italy Cross – NS
  • Bridgewater – NS
  • Port Dufferin – NS
  • Harrietsfield – NS
  • Fletcher Lake – NS
  • Brookside – NS
  • East Preston – NS
  • Lower Prospect – NS
  • Brookfield – NS
  • Wellington – NS
  • Milford Station – NS
  • Annapolis Royal – NS
  • Chester Basin – NS
  • Wolfville – NS
  • Prospect Village – NS
  • Jeddore Oyster Ponds – NS
  • East Pennant – NS
  • Malagash – NS
  • Hantsport – NS
  • Chester – NS
  • Auburndale – NS
  • Parrsboro – NS
  • We are licensed as Nova Scotia Appraisers, mainly servicing as both Halifax Appraisers and HRM Appraisers. We professionally complete Commercial, Residential, House, Bank, Marital Division (i.e. Marriage break-ups), and Estate Probate Appraisals.

    Other known names: Some members of the public call us: Real Estate Appraisers, Real Property Appraisers, House Appraiser, Assessment Evaluations, Estate Appraiser.

    …no matter what you call us, we can complete a Professional Real Estate Appraisal for you. Please see our 5 Star Rating and what clients are saying about us.



    Véronique Nault

    Totally satisfied with AKME. Kelly Best was highly dedicated to our personal issues with the sale of our home. She is reliable and a very nice person to deal with. Overall she is very professional and motivated, she explained to us well the appraisal process and she worked hard to produce our house appraisal and helped reduce some of the stress of selling our home.
    thanks for your good work.

    Charley Fabre

    EXTREMELY Satisfied with Kelly Best Professionalism and deep knowledge in her work! We had a bad appraisal from another company that was making us lose so much money on our home and inducing a lot of stress because the appraiser used their own feelings about the home. As soon as Kelly reviewed the report she noticed a lot of mistakes that was making this report invalid and not professional once so ever for the value of our home in the over 600 000$. So we asked Kelly to come and do the appraisal for us and trust me when you need the positive attitude, hard working person with quick responses and that goes the extra extra extra mile for you; well give kelly a call it will be worth every single penny for an appraisal for your own house that is worth money to you NOT the appraiser. Thanks again Kelly for the hard work, a complaint has been made for the OTHER company.

    Sheena Paon

    There are many appraisers out in the Marketplace today but none like AKME! I worked closely with both Shawna and Kelly Best for over a 6 year period while I was a Mortgage Broker. They made the process of appraising homes for my customers easy and efficient. My largest business was predominantly re-finances thus requiring appraisals to be completed, I could call them at any time to ask their opinion on the value of a home and I knew they would provide professionalism and friendly service to all my customers. I would recommend AKME to any Lender, customer or Mortgage Broker.

    Christopher Webb

    Kelly Best has done a number of appraisals for us. She is both professional and thorough in her approach. Her appraisals are extremely comprehensive and have resulted in us being successful in obtaining mortgage approvals in all instances. We would highly recommend her services.

    Clinton Wilkins

    I have been working with AKME Appraisals, Inc. for quite a few years now and typically call on Shawna Best professionally to complete my appraisal assignments. I can say their service has been extremely appreciated. I have always found Shawna and the rest of the AKME team to be very professional and pleasant to work with. I find their professionalism, good “house’ manners, appraisal report writing / bracketing of properties and their willingness to explain their reports results in good service. I highly recommend AKME Appraisals, Inc. for all your appraisal needs.

    Marcel Falkenham

    We had AKME Appraisals assist us through the renovation of our 120 year old farmhouse and their professionalism & excitement were second to none. Always prompt with responses and offered guidance where needed to make the process as seamless as possible. Would recommend them to anyone looking for this service.

    Karen K

    Purchasing your first home after a Divorce is exciting. When you purchase a property that quickly increases in value because of a variety of reasons, it is even more exciting. What isn’t exciting is when a lender hires an Appraiser that is NOT AKME, and it costs you the ability to remortgage. That is what happened to me until I contacted Kelly….and another Lender. The other appraiser, appraised my home that is on a valuable commercially zoned property (MU-1/C2), and is 100% beautifully renovated, directly on a street with a traffic count of over 23,000, to an older, not renovated, smaller home on a small size lot that is zoned R1 on a cul-de-sac not in the same area as my home. It wasn’t apples to apples but more like apples to coffee tables. There was no similarity at all. I was shocked and baffled how this could even allowed and not regulated. That Appraiser obviously didn’t take the time or have the skills that Kelly has because when I hired Kelly, her Appraisal was apples to apples. Kelly did the alot of thorough research, comparisons and worked diligently to make sure my Appraisal reflected the real value of my home. She took the time to make sure it was right and even contacted Realtors to discuss it. Kelly’s (AKME’s) Appraisal was the key to me being able to remortgage and pay off my debts, which is probably why most of us remortgage. My advice: call Kelly at AKME first. I will definitely be calling her again! Thanks Kelly!! • • •

    Deborah McNamara

    Akme Appraisals did a wonderful job of handling my complicated appraisal. Kelly was professional, respectful of my timelines and the possibility that the appraisal would become evidence in a legal dispute. Her thoroughness and ability to prepare me to explain and support her calculations, as well as compare it to other appraisals being submitted to court, made this stressful process much more manageable for me. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

    Michelle Porter

    I have purchased several commercial, home and recreational properties in my lifetime, and of all the appraisals, AKME was the most unique, thorough, and relevant. Owner Kelly Best personally has seen to both of my commercial appraisals here in HRM, and I have found her to be professional, thoughtful, kind, and highly qualified. Ask to see her credentials, and tell her I sent you! You won’t be disappointed.

    Sheena Paon

    There are many appraisers out in the Marketplace today but none like AKME! I worked closely with both Shawna and Kelly Best for over a 6 year period while I was a Mortgage Broker. They made the process of appraising homes for my customers easy and efficient. My largest business was predominantly re-finances thus requiring appraisals to be completed, I could call them at any time to ask their opinion on the value of a home and I knew they would provide professionalism and friendly service to all my customers. I would recommend AKME to any Lender, customer or Mortgage Broker. • • •

    Eddie Blocker 

    Very Nice person im sure you will enjoy working with her!!!!! Thanks Kelly!!!

    Jack Cameron

    Always reliable , fast and efficient. thanks for the being part of our team to help clients achieve home ownership

    Shelly Beazley 

    Prompt and very helpful and professional service! Will definitely use for future appraisal needs!




    Kelly Best, CD, AACI, P. App. BBA, PGVC, DULE


    Tel: (902) 222-7337
    akmekelly (at) gmail.com


    Nominated 2010 Atlantic Business CEO of the year
    AKME Appraisals, Inc.
    Principal Owner
    Supreme Court Expert Witness Testimony – Sworn in and Recognized Supreme Court Expert Witness 2007

    Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC)- AACI, P.APP (Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute – Professional Appraiser)

    PGVC (Post Graduate Value Certification)
    BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)
    DULE (Diploma Urban Land Economics)

    Certified Advanced Appraisal Reviewer
    Marshall & Swift Licensed User – Costing Expert

    Retired in Good Standing -
    CNAREA – DAC Designated Appraiser Commercial
    NAIFA USA – IFAS Independent Fee Appraiser Senior

    I am a partner/owner of AKME Appraisals, Inc. My current Designation is Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute (AACI) with a degree in Business Administration, Diploma in Urban Economics (inclusive of 20+ Real Estate Appraisal course), background in both Real Estate Appraising, and prior experience in Property Management. I am also Retired – Pensioned Canadian Forces. During my military career I was awarded “Service Person of the Year”

    William Best, CD, CRA – Partner


    Tel: (902) 222-7337
    akmekelly (at) gmail.com


    AIC – Canadian Residential Appraiser

    I am a partner of AKME Appraisals, Inc. I was awarded the CRA (Canadian Residential Appraiser) designation in 2007. I continue to update and stay current with Appraisal education, taking appraisal courses through UBC. I have extensive experience in the residential division. My work in our Valuation Division covers a wide range of property from single family housing to to multi-use investment projects. In addition to completing a full career – I am retired Canadian Armed Forces; Communications and have received my CD1. I also worked as a Communications Specialist with General Dynamics Canada. After returning from the USA, I became extensively involved in Real Property Appraising.

    Shawna Best – CRA


    Tel: (902) 440-2378
    sjbest (at) eastlink.ca


    AKME Appraisals, Inc.
    Co – Owner (2007)

    Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC) – Canadian Residential Appraiser (CRA)

    Nova Scotia Real Estate Appraisers Association (NSREAA)

    Real Property Appraisal and Consulting Services
    Specializing in Residential and Small Commercial Properties
    Marshall and Swift Licensed User – Costing Expert

    Currently working towards BBRE (Bachelor of Business Real-Estate degree)

    I officially joined AKME Appraisals, Inc. in 2007 – I have been involved with the Appraisal Industry for over 10 years. My current Designation is Canadian Residential Appraiser (CRA). At present, I am studying towards my Commercial Appraisal Designation and a Bachelor Degree in Business of Real Estate. I have extensive experience in the Residential Sector: Single Family Dwellings, Multi Family Properties and Vacant Land. I also have experience with Small Commercial Component Properties.

    Geoff Coderre


    Tel: (902) 483-7321
    geoff.coderre (at) gmail.com


    Candidate, Bachelor of Commerce: Student SMU & AIC:Student UBC AACI


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